It’s been a year since your friend was spirited away by the Night Parade. You’re determined to find them. Tonight’s your only chance.

Move with arrow keys. Advance text with spacebar.

Made for the 2019 Bitsy Game Jam. The theme was "masks".


Demon Sprites: yubakeme

Maps: Volaria

Music: yubakeme

Narrative: Volaria, yubakeme

Game made with Adam Ledoux's Bitsy applicaton :

Import audio into Bitsy by mark wonnacott:

Thank you for playing :)

Please let us know if you find any errors/bugs!

StatusIn development
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withBitsy
Average sessionA few minutes


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This was really cool!

Thanks! We're glad that you liked it!

A beautiful (and challenging) little game! You did a great job giving each demon personality and a unique identity with so few pixels and tiny snippets of dialog. The music adds so much to the experience as well, and like the art is simple, but effective. 

Have you played Reshma Zachariah and Tima Peshin's game The Parade?

It makes a nice pairing with Night Parade! 

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Neat story with different endings! It's like a little ghibli movie :)

also, congrats on your first game(?)!


Thank you so much!! We're really glad that you enjoyed it :D